Arkwright Road

Arkwright Road

A simple lateral living conversion of a top floor flat in Hampstead deftly extends the space available and creates a light filled eyrie for a young French couple. In a common London pattern, the original flat was an unimaginative conversion of the top floor of a house.

The cramped, cellular arrangement has been replaced by a clean open plan, incorporating living, dining and kitchen in a single, fluid volume. A master bedroom is supplemented by a micro-bedroom to provide space for guests

Integrated storage units tactfully strip rooms of clutter and cunning spatial geometry contrives to make things seem bigger than they really are. A staircase connects with a roof terrace, opening up the external realm.

An alternating tread arrangement makes efficient use of the available space and a slim glazed balustrade adds an elegant touch. The contract was completed within a three month timeframe and to streamline communication with the builders, all information was contained within a single drawing.

[By Catherine Slessor*]

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